The Other Part Of Your Business

You find yourself searching for potential marketing partners. Perhaps you have experience dealing with agencies and vendors. You know what you need and are looking for the best agency to do it. Or perhaps you’re a bit green, this is your first roll in the grass, maybe had a web designer once and was burned bad, a shitty experience, yet you have now decided to see who else is out there.

As you google ‘web designers in sacramento’ or ‘online advertising ideas‘ and look at the exhaustive list of local agencies from here to the Nevada State Line, have you asked yourself; Besides ROI, what am I looking for?

Besides the fact that the agency better damn well generate more revenue than they cost, have you thought about the other part of your business? The part about who else in the world believes you are better than your competitor? That part about how you are worth doing business with because of the value you provide?

During that last, sleepy-eyed email you sent out at 2am on a Friday just to keep up with deadlines? Your mind is potato-leek soup (yummy), but your stomach and your heart are aching to catch-up on work. Staggering to bed, your reflection in the hallway mirror stops you cold. You take a deep breath and mutter to yourself for the tenth time this week; ‘everything is fine, you’re okay, things are going to be okay, they have to be, because there are no other options. I found the end of my rope, struggled past it, and realized I am stronger than I thought.’

Do you have a trusted team member reading the Sacramento Business Journal looking for juicy PR stories that your business could take advantage of? Who is getting you thinking about your business from different angles? Are you too close to your business to not see some issues that are clouding a certain process? Do you have the time to research software that will make your inventory management, or shipping distribution more automated? Would you like to try a ‘live chat’ feature on your website because you think you can easily engage customers that way?

Do you feel your marketing agency has the right intentions? Who is challenging you to come up with the systems to scale your business larger?

These are the other parts about your business besides ROI.

Who else is invested in your business like you are? We aren’t talking about the time and money you spend with a marketing agency.
We’re asking questions that aren’t appropriate to bring up at the dinner table, and yes, your spouse is sick of hearing about your latest idea.

Our mission is to uncover the value your business brings to the market, then build you a repeatable process around it that creates more money than it costs.

Along with the service you pay us to deliver, and the ROI you absolutely expect, you are going to pay us to believe in your business.

– Greg

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