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Pricing Overview:

Most of our merchants effective rates are between 2% and 3%! To find your effective rate, grab a past statement, find the total amount of fees you paid for the month, and divide that into the total dollar amount you processed for the month. Move the decimal to the right twice, and you’ll have your percentage! Here’s a few examples to see how it’s done:

Get Paid Faster with Text Message Payment Links


We Help Business Owners Achieve Contactless Payments

Phone Orders

Take orders over the phone and key them into your physical terminal.

Curbside Orders

Bring your terminal outside to your customers car and let them tap their card on your terminal.


Email or text payment links for your customers to pay.


Process payments through your website using a gateway with no monthly fees!

Merchant Spotlight

McDonnell Nursery | Orinda, Ca.

“Greg and HM Marketing lowered our processing fees by $600 / month, got us new wireless equipment that our customers don’t have to touch, and helped with our online marketing. Thank you! “
~ Sarah M. | President 
McDonnell Nursery in Orinda, Ca.

Sarah & Dan McDonnell

Steps to work with us as your processing partner

See Your Savings

1. Send us a recent processing statement. We'll send you back a comparison to review with you.

Turn in Application

2. Once you see how much we can save you, the next step will be to send in your application to establish your new merchant account.

Start Processing

3. After you begin processing, we'll meet to discuss your savings results and ideas to grow your business.

Get Customers

4. We help you grow your business with guidance and marketing recommendations.


Should you buy, lease or rent?

If you need new equipment, we almost always suggest you buy your equipment, rather than leasing or renting. For example, a standard lease agreement is 5 years at $29/mo. for the Pax D210 terminal pictured here. That’s $1,740 you just spent on a terminal you could have bought for $375. 

Reduce Virus Exposure With Zero-Touch Terminals, like this Pax D210 wireless terminal. There are many options, let us match your business with the right equipment.


Start processing and get these marketing services.

If you process over $25,000 a month, along with lowering your rate and setting you up with the latest equipment, we’ll include many of the following services…

If you have an error or problem with your website, we’ll help you fix it. By switching your payment processing to us, we’ll commit a certain number of development hours to fixing or upgrading your website. Contact us for details.

Our team will bling out up to four social media channels for your business. We’ll create the accounts, send you the login information, show you the basics on how to use the channel and properly size artwork and logos for a professional look.

– Setup Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn (ask about additional channels)

– Properly Size Channel Artwork

– Add About Us and Contact Info

– Discounted Ongoing SM Management pricing (ask for details)

Getting your brand into your customers inbox is still one of the most cost effective way to get your message out. Our team will create your first email newsletter and show you how to use it.

– Setup Mailchimp Account

– Link to Email Address of Your Choice

– Build Initial Email Template

– Suggest Content for Initial Campaign

We have talented graphic designers ready to deliver what you need. Not all of these services will be free, but will be heavily discounted.

– Logo Design

– Business Cards

– Video Intro’s

– Business Collateral (brochures, flyers, posters, etc.)

We are a full-service ad agency. Let’s build your business a winning campaign!

– Broadcast Media Buying/Planning

– Script and Spot Production (radio, television, digital) 

– Outdoor Billboard Design 
Digital Marketing

Checklist to Ensure Complete Access & Ownership Of Your WordPress Website

See Our Website Hosting/Maintenance Agreement

Enter your info and receive an email with a link to download our agreement.