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Step 1

Clarify Your Goals
  • Meet to determine your business goals, establish a monthly budget and what success looks like to you.

Step 2

Launch Your Sales Funnel
  • Get landing pages, lead generators, and email sequences that turn strangers into paying customers.

Step 3

Close Incoming Leads
  • When you clarify your message and launch an effective sales funnel, orders will skyrocket and your business will grow.

We help CPA’s & Bookkeepers set up online marketing systems to bring in qualified leads. We value your time, so we won’t beat around the bush. If you’re shopping around for a way to bring in new business, fill out this meeting form and make our alarm bells go off!

What’s In It For You
Our team of marketing pros will jump into action and take an interest in solving your problem(s). We want to impress you, so we’ll come with questions and a plan that will help you reach your goals, whether you end up working with us or not.

See our 3-step process for Atlas Accounting, a CPA firm in Sacramento, CA.

Goal Clarification Meeting
How Would You Like To Meet?

Case Study: Atlas Accounting, Sacramento, CA

Atlas Accounting was drowning in too many small clients. They wanted to sign larger, more qualified clients where they could offer multiple lines of service to each account.

Step 1: Clarify Goals

They wanted corporate clients that would hand over more responsibility to Atlas, therefore giving Atlas more opportunities to offer additional services such as payroll. Atlas does not have a huge staff, so they cannot take on too many new clients at once. Here were their goals, and the plan. 

~ Generate 2-3 inbound leads per week. Close 1-2 new clients per month. Initial outreach goal is to setup, Phone, Zoom or In-Person meeting.

~ Target C-Level business to business prospects, as well as higher net-worth people who have more assets, rental property, retirement accounts, etc. 

~ Focus on the greater Sacramento area to help bolster other local marketing efforts.

Accounting Marketing Services Sacramento HM Marketing
We helped launch their new website, focused on their most lucrative services. The website also has landing pages for specific ad campaigns.

Step 2: Launch Sales Funnel

Atlas wanted to keep their budget under tight control, so we started with a Google Ad campaign and kept the daily budget at $20 per day, running 3-4 days per week. Here are some of the ads that ran. 

CPA advertising Services Sacramento HM Marketing
This is a great pre-qualifying ad, as a person responding to this obviously has the means to have rental property, which is what Atlas is looking for.
Accounting advertising Services Sacramento HM Marketing
This ad would be at the top of Google when people were searching for IRS assistance. If someone has a problem with the IRS, they are likely ready to call a CPA right now.
Atlas was looking for people who needed IRA assistance. This ad was succesful.

Step 3: Close Incoming Leads

With their new website and Google Ads campaign activated, leads start coming in. Fast forward a few years, and these leads are coming through from organic search results. They paused their Google Ad campaign during the busy season. Once late filing taxes are complete, we’ll be turning their ads back on to fill their sales funnel even more. 

Inbound leads (recent as of Oct 2023). This is from organically ranking, they are not running any ad campaigns as of this screenshot. If you want these types of results, give us a call.

Step 4: Wow Customers & Get Referrals

After landing your new client, help give them a great experience by incorporating everything they need into your website. We help you do this.

Accounting advertising Services Sacramento HM Marketing3
Offer clients an online place to do business with your firm, where they can access core apps like QuickBooks® Online, BILL and more, pay invoices, schedule appointments, exchange docs and collaborate with staff.

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