Why would people choose to do business with you over your competitors?

That’s the question your new website will answer. Whether you need a complex web application to streamline a process in your business, or just a beautiful new site to show off your portfolio of work, our discovery process is a fun way to learn how your business will take shape online.

On-Page & Off-Page SEO

When we say SEO, we mean it. We build on-page SEO into each page of your website.  Making sure media files are properly sized by kilobyte to be small but sharp. Naming media relevant keyword names, making sure to fill out the alt-tags, and of course, minding our H1 – H6 tags for happy Google bots. We use the WordPress SEO plugin Yoast SEO that let’s us build in the Google snippet into each page. See screenshots…

This is your bread and butter. The sweet spot. We build you a custom site up to 10 pages, including copywriting. Full Google Love and and social media footprint built in. Kick-start your online presence here.

Google Love Package

Making Google love your site. We help you Open a Gmail account, create a Google My Business listing, create a Google + account, create a Google Analytics account, then link up Google Search Console and submit your sitemap.

Deliverables Include:

Google Analytics Integration

Deliverables Include:

WordPress Software

WordPress powers over 30% of the websites in the World, and is growing faster than any other platform. It’s stable and the support community is huge. It’s not going anywhere.


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