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Why Half-Dome?

Me at Half-Dome in 2008, before Yosemite set limits on the number of climbers.

In 2008 I yanked my less than fit body hand over hand, clutching steel cables…inch by inch…until reached the very top. It was terrifying, but it was an important event in my life, and a perfect metaphor that all business owners can relate to:

Success lies on the other side of fear.”


Greg Fisher

Founder & CEO

I’ve been in marketing and advertising for 10+ years. I’ll never forget what got me hooked on this industry, and it wasn’t the thrill of closing my first deal. It was a phone call from a client that went like this:

“Our phones haven’t stopped ringing since the commercial began playing!” Irving from Discount Metal Panels hollered to me. Irving owned a roofing company that was sinking due to slow sales.

Because of the :30 second radio commercial I wrote, and the schedule I put together, Irving’s business exploded. It was a turning point in my career as a second-year radio rep, a turning point in my life actually, when I knew I had found my calling; helping business owners thrive!

That was then, when I cut my teeth selling all sorts of traditional advertising. Times change, and I couldn’t be happier in my new endeavor creating digital solutions for e-commerce, B2B, retail and more in Sacramento.

That’s my approach to websites—I’m not going to sell you a website, I’m going to create a digital customer acquisition strategy for you! We’ll make sure you get found online by implementing leading SEO techniques, convert your customers by crafting compelling copywriting, and of course, we make sure all of this can be accomplished via smartphone. The Internet is a party, and I’m pouring the whiskey.

website designer sacramento

Dan Zeak

Web Designer

Dan majored in Web Design at Sacramento State, and has yet to quell his insatiable appetite for making websites work perfectly. Along with his masterful web design skills, he is Greg’s right-hand man for client support and other aspects of the agency.

gabbi chudzinski-social-media-manager

Gabbi Chudzinski

Social Media Manager

Gabbi received a Communications Bachelor Degree from Sacramento State University. She has been WOW’ing clients as a social media manager since 2017, helping clients generate sales and share their brand stories with the world. 

Gabbi has a passion for photography, which pairs like a fine wine with her Social Media skills.

We could not be more thrilled to have Gabbi on our team!

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