GoDaddy Delegate Access: Simplify Your Website Management in 2024

Managing delegate access on GoDaddy is crucial for website owners. This guide provides direct instructions on granting delegate access, with a focus on ‘GoDaddy SSL certificate’ issues, ‘GoDaddy login’ processes, and more. Start here for immediate access: GoDaddy SSO Access.

Granting Delegate Access in GoDaddy:

  1. Log into Your GoDaddy Account Visit GoDaddy’s homepage and log in. The 2024 interface includes updated security features. The login button is at the top right.
  2. Navigate to Account Settings After logging in, select your profile icon or name at the top right, then choose “Account Settings” from the dropdown.
  3. Select Delegate Access Find the “Delegate Access” section under “Permissions” or a similar tab, reflecting the latest updates.
  4. Grant Access Click on “People Who Can Access My Account,” then “Grant Access.” Enter the delegate’s details and select their access level. Click “Invite.”
  5. Confirmation Both parties will receive a confirmation email. The delegate must accept the invitation to finalize the process.

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