RADIO CAMPAIGN PITCH: Addiction Recovery Center

 Your campaign would begin running on one or more AM and FM stations in Sacramento. I’ve attached sample radio schedules, as well as multiple versions of a spec spot. I have media partners in Fresno and the Bay Area as well, and can run this in both English and Spanish in any of the markets.
The Idea Behind the Campaign
I’ve talked with many recovery centers over the years and found a lot of them target working professionals as a source for new business. I’ve personally been in sales my entire career and have met many sales people where substance and/or drinking is an issue in their lives.
I believe this campaign will be so effective because the message will speak directly to the listeners situation. By not trying to blanket a general statement to everyone, and instead send out a focused message to successful but stressed out professionals, the message will be more impactful and memorable. And families who have sales people in their lives will perk up to the message too.
The campaign can be updated easily throughout the year to target different professionals in various high-stress careers, such as attorneys, recruiters, etc.
I envision the campaign starting on radio, but if successful could be branched out to run on television, outdoor billboards and digital ads. And with built on WordPress, my web design team can create a landing page for each of the careers call-to-action.
Campaign Strategy
  • Three month AM / FM radio campaign. Paid month to month. Budget $3,480 per month.
  • Target working professionals in high-stress careers on AM / FM radio. Use :30 and :15 second spots with a call-to-action to visit a custom landing page that lives on