How It All Began

In 2009 while selling broadcast media and marketing services from Sacramento to Modesto, a common response I heard was “Greg, we just don’t have the budget to do that”, and rightfully so, as Sacramento and the rest of the country was in the depths of the financial meltdown, business owners were scared that any money that left their pockets may never come back.

My father-in-law had introduced me to payment processing in 2003 right after I graduated from Chico State. Instead of pursuing it as my primary career, I put it on the back burner and followed my passion in marketing and advertising, helping small businesses grow using radio & television advertising.

Right about now you’re probably thinking to yourself; “so what the hell does credit card processing have to do with whether I should hire your as my ad agency”? Great question! I’m coming full circle, bear with me.

For years I noticed many of my local clients complaining about credit card processing fees and the crappy treatment they received from their processing company, whether it was their local bank or a nationwide merchant service provider.

I began reviewing their credit card processing statements, appalled at the amount my clients were being overcharged, from rates to leasing equipment. From this was founded and a win-win-win situation emerged.

I found I could easily save business owners money on the payment processing that they could in turn purchase advertising through me to grow their business.

Our local Sacramento area clients are quite thrilled when we show them how we are able to essentially increase traffic and sales through marketing and advertising at no additional cost to their budgets.

My passion to help Sacramento area small business owners is more ferocious than ever. I not only have the marketing expertise to help your business grow locally and online, I have put together a talented team of web design professionals to step up the Sacramento web design world, with the unique ability to instantly increase a businesses cash flow on commodity-like services such as payment processing. We are now HM Marketing, and we are ready to help you win more customers and increase profits.

Thank you for reading about us, now let’s meet so we can help you save money, upgrade your systems and grow your business. We serve businesses from Modesto through Stockton, Lodi, Sacramento, Roseville and up to Placerville.

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