Google Adwords Primer – An Example of a Pay-Per-Click Campaign

A construction company in the Bay Area asked us how we would plan to get traffic to their current website. One of the options we presented is Google Adwords. Here’s our response…

Google Adwords would be one of my first suggestions to start getting immediate traffic to your website. Check out our BLOG POST HERE for quick ‘day in the life’ of our Google Adwords management.

Here’s how Google Adwords works:

You choose certain ‘keywords’ you want to come up for on the 1st page of Google, then build ‘ads’ and create a ‘landing page’ off your website that convinces the site visitor to take an action, whether it’s to call you, fill out a Contact Us form, etc.

You as the advertiser bids on certain keywords in order for your clickable ads to appear in Google’s search results. Depending on the ‘market rate’ for specific keywords, your cost every time someone clicks on your ad could be $2, or it could be $200. It just depends on what your competitors are willing to pay per click. If we work together, we will run a keyword analysis to show you the cost per click you can expect.

Let’s say we choose the keyword phrase of “kitchen remodel contractor in San Jose”. If you type that into Google right now (as of the writing of this article), up pops an ad for See screenshot for ad example…


Check out how ‘optimized’ their landing page is at, very nice! Their website visitor is making a buying decision, hunting for a kitchen remodeler in San Jose, and up pops that landing page with compelling reasons and a great call-to-action with LIMITED TIME OFFER! If I were in the market for a kitchen remodel, that page would appeal to me greatly.

The cost to put together a campaign like that would be a 3-month commitment. When I say commitment, you are not locked into a contract, it’s more of the mindset you need to have. Getting the landing page and campaign optimized to maximize your budget doesn’t happen overnight. It takes about 3 months to optimize an Adwords campaign and landing page before you get the right amount of traffic and conversions on your page. The pricing would be:


Landing Page Development $400 (WordPress based landing page) To build the landing page will take 1-2 weeks. We’ll install tracking software, heat-maps, conversion forms and pop-ups. Everything you need to measure how your visitors are navigating your landing page.

Google Adwords Management $350 This is where we develop the “Ad Group” you want to run. So if you want to get customers for “Kitchen Remodels”, we’ll build 3 – 4 ads with varying phrases to attract people searching for “kitchen remodels”. We then evaluate their performance multiple times per week, changing keywords and how the ads are built.

Google Adwords Budget $700 – $1,500 This is the amount of money you spend on running the Google Ads. The minimum is $5 per day. The ad budget is completely customizable. We could run $20 a day for 3 days at a time and re-evaluate the performance, or start bigger. Whatever you are comfortable with. We would add your business credit card to your Google Adwords account. The budget could be any amount, but ads in the Bay Area are pricier than elsewhere in the country, so this would be a good range to start with. We’ll fine tune this amount depending on your budget.


Google Adwords Management $300 (take it down by $50 from Month 2 and on)
Your Google Adwords Budget $700 – $1,500


Google Adwords Management $300
Your Google Adwords Budget $700 – $1,500

Moving forward, our Adwords management would remain at $300, and your Google Adwords budget could go up or down, depending on the success you are seeing.

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