GoDaddy’s Hidden Pricing

GoDaddy entices you to get their service with marketing campaigns that catch your eye… “website hosting for $3.99 per month”, and they fool you into believing that’s everything you need. This attractive price is leaving out many of the most important services your business needs, and that you will end up paying for once you sign up with them.

Monthly WordPress Website Maintenance (Software & Plugin Updates)
HM Marketing: Included
GoDaddy: Not Included

Email Hosting (up to 50 email addresses
HM Marketing: Included
GoDaddy: Not Included

SSL Certificate (secure your site to HTTPS://)
HM Marketing: Included
GoDaddy: Not Included

Also Included With Our Packages: (not included with most GoDaddy hosting plans)
~ Daily File & Database Backups
~ Core Software & Plugin Updates
~ Site Uptime Monitoring
~ Performance Optimization
~ Monthly Analytics Report
~ Video Tutorials & Training
~ Monthly Marketing Strategy Calls

Before this year is over, I challenge you to look at your credit card statement and see how much you are actually paying GoDaddy every month. If you are running a successful business and you are hosting at GoDaddy, chances are you are paying a lot more than $3.99 per month.

Here’s just a few examples:

Each professional email address at GoDaddy will cost you at least $5.99 per month per address! Unless you’re a one-person business, this alone may be costing you hundreds of dollars per month. 


SSL certificates are how your website gets the padlock HTTPS:// in your internet browser. GoDaddy charges $79.99 per year for an SSL certificate, which should be included. 

To help cut down on spam emails and protect your privacy, your hosting company should provide free domain registration privacy, so your name and contact info are more difficult for scammers to find. GoDaddy charges $14.99 per year for this service that should be included for free.

I could go on and on, but you get the idea. We hope you find this information helpful, and if you’re thinking of switching from GoDaddy to a new website host, we would be appreciate the opportunity to show you the value we offer our clients.

All the best,

Greg Fisher

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