A Night Of Google Adwords Management At My Midnight Battle Station

It’s 12:34am on a Tuesday in May. I’m at my midnight battle station. Taking on the forces of competition for the good of our clients.

*Skype chimes* “Whaa, huh?” I hear the chime from the kitchen, where I’m sleepily steeping a cup of Raley’s Black Tea. I rush back to the battle station, careful not to spill. It’s Naz, a great client and owner of Apostilles Now typing in the lower right chat box. We built her site and I am managing her Google Adwords campaign. Apparently we’re having our strangely timed weekly check-in right now.

One of the ads we’re running in her campaign:




12:34am [START CHAT]

TK421, do you copy?” Types Naz.
“Yeah Naz, I’m here, although the name is Greg ? “. We lol. Star Wars geeks.
“What was our Google Adwords spend today?” Naz types.
“I just looked. You hit the daily budget. $20. I saw 2 order forms were filled out. How many calls came in?”
“4 phone call. So 6 leads total.”
“So that makes 13 this week, and you closed 5? Hmm, not bad, net net, you’re ahead a decent amount this week! ? ”
“Ya, feels good. Thanks so much Greg.”
“Make it RAIN!!!”
“:) lol. talk next week”

12:37am [END CHAT]

I’m so happy for Naz, the first month was slow, but now her Google Adwords campaign is bringing in at least 3-4 deals a week, and she’s getting a return on her investment. That’s how it works. Naz provides stellar service with a great attitude, treats her customers right, and eventually she’ll have so many referrals from satisfied clients that she’ll be too busy with new business to spend money on adwords, and she’ll be able to take her business to the next level.

And when that happens, our team (along with monkey lamp) will be there, drinking tea and putting a plan together to help Naz design a business system to handle all of her new clients.

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